Common RV Problems Most Drivers Will Experience Eventually

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Recreational vehicles can be a lot of fun. They give you the chance to get away for the weekend with the family or take an extended road trip across the country.

Unfortunately, just like any other vehicle, your RV will eventually experience some problems that you'll need to take care of. Here are some of the most common problems RV drivers have experienced so you know what to expect, and hopefully avoid, down the line.

Roof and window leaks

The roof and windows of your RV aren't as structurally sound like those on a house. Direct sunlight, poor weather, and low-hanging branches can damage your roof when you least expect it.

To protect your roof, consider using a roof cover. This helps to minimize your roof's exposure to the elements. A rubber roof coating, similar to those applied in the bed of a truck, can also help to protect your roof.

Your windows can also spring leaks if the window seal has broken down. Keep an eye on your seals by inspecting them twice a month. Replace them as soon as you notice damage.

Toilet malfunctions

The toilet in your RV isn't like your standard everyday toilet, which means it can be more susceptible to unpleasant issues. If the water doesn't stay in the toilet bowl on your RV or the water keeps running, it's important that you seek out professionals dealing in RV repair.

The rubber seals around the toilet's large valve need to be replaced if they're not in food shape or if it isn't closing completely. In some cases, you'd need to remove the toilet to fix the valve.

Vehicle damage due to collisions

RV drivers and passengers are more susceptible to injury when they're in an accident. This is because passengers aren't often buckled up while the RV is on the road.

Collisions can also cause materials to be thrown across the cabin, which can be a hazard to occupants, your cabin itself, and the windows of your RV.

To reduce your risk of injury and vehicle damage, everyone in the vehicle needs to be buckled while the RV is in motion. It's also important that you lock away any objects or materials that could be sent airborne in the event of a collision.

Looking for RV repair services in Sacramento?

You can get into an accident driving your RV just like you can in any other vehicle. However, driving an RV can be a little trickier than driving your average car. That's why it's recommended to drive your RV below 60 mph while you're on the road.

Unfortunately, you can't always control when an accident comes your way. That's why Sacramento Trailer Repair offers collision repair services, appliance repairs, and roof repairs. To learn more about our RV repair services and trailer parts, contact Sacramento Trailer Repair today.






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