Gifts For Under $100



If you have an RVer on your holiday gift list, you know nothing will make them happier than a camping-themed present. Here are five of our favorite gifts that won’t bust the budget.

1. See America Prints ($25-$75)
Did you take an amazing RV trip this year that you want to remember always? Whether you whale watched in Cape Cod or went river rafting in the Grand Canyon, there is probably a See America print that will help you recall those fond memories whenever you look at it. You can buy the posters unframed or framed. We have quite a few of these on our walls at home and yes, we look forward to adding to the collection this year!  – HTTPS://CREATIVEACTION.NETWORK/COLLECTIONS/SEE-AMERICA

2. ROVA Magazine Subscription ($25)
We all read so much media on devices these days, but there is nothing like a good ole fashioned magazine. Give your sweetie the gift of something to read around the campfire in the coming year. ROVA Magazine is full of wonderful tales of road trips and adventures. It’s the perfect present for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust. – HTTPS://ROVAMAG.COM/SUBSCRIPTION

3. Personalized Campsite Sign ($50-$100)
If you have strolled around a campground, you know RVers love their personalized camping signs. It’s one of the first things to get setup once the rig is parked. We had our family sign made just weeks after buying our pop up camper. There are tons of options out there, but we personally love Creative Designs 77 and the Black River Wood Shop. Creative Designs 77 are fun and colorful, while the Black River Wood Shop offers rustic, outdoorsy options. Between the two shops, you will find something you love!
Creative Designs 77: HTTP://BIT.LY/2JFVEDT
Black River Wood Shop: HTTP://BIT.LY/2IVQ523

4. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses ($25)
Glass objects and camping are not a good fit, but no self-respecting oenophile wants to drink their wine out of a red solo cup. In fact, any kind of plastic cup seems to ruin the whole wine experience completely. We bought these stainless steel wine glasses last year, and they are one of our favorite pieces of gear. The wide base helps prevent spills, and we don’t have to worry about the glasses breaking in transit. A set of these cups along with a bottle (or two) of wine would make the perfect gift! – HTTP://AMZN.TO/2IVUNXD

5. Grand Trunk Hammock ($60)
Our lives these days are so busy and hectic that it can be hard to unwind even when camping. If you know someone who needs to relax, this is the perfect present. It’s impossible not to enter a deep state of zen when swinging in a Grand Trunk Hammock. Just make sure to get the Double Hammock model if you (like us) have kids that like to ‘relax’ with you.  – HTTP://BIT.LY/2JROHS4

We love giving our friends and family gifts that help us remember wonderful RV adventures from the past year, and encourage us to look forward to fun trips in the future. From our family to yours, have a very happy holiday season!

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