Battery Services

Battery Maintenance

We sell and instal both 12v and 6v batteries from Interstate Batteries. We stock  full line of deep cycle 12v and 6v batteries and most common motohome starting batteries.

Most batteries become defective for two reasons, overcharging and under charging.

Undercharging is a result of batteries being repeatedly drawn down and not fully recharged between cycles. This causes calcium build up on the plates. Overcharging batteries results in severe water loss and plate corrosion.

Corrsion and build up on the plate decrease storage power and eventually a defective battery.  We sell and instal watering systems to make it easier to keep the batteries full of fluid.

Charging Systems

Standard equipment battery chargrs charge at one rate all the time and do not know if the battery is dead or fully charged.  Most converter chargers provide a constant charge of about 13.5 volts, which is too high for fully charged batteries.High charging rates causes electrolyte is boiled off, thus resulting in a early death for the batteries. Also, if you have added batteries to your system, your stock battery charger probably is not big enough to handle the added demand.

We have a solution for this problem, we stock a full line of "smart chargers". We have multi-stage lower section replacements as well as stand alone chargers in 55, 75 and 100 amp charge rates. Multi-stage charging is a more sophisticated method that optimizes charging based on the battery state of charge. Typically there are three stages, called Bulk, Absorption and Float.  Multi-stage charging helps in cases were the battery is fully depleated, as well in cases where the rv is plugged into 110v for extended periods of time.

There are many multi-stage RV battery charger options.  Popular brands include Progressive Dynamics, Iota, and PowerMax. Among inverter-chargers, well-known brands include Magnum and Xantrex. All of these brands we sell and instal.

Enjoy off grid camping?  We have power solutions to meet your needs.

Other Services

Solar Systems

Adding solar to an RV is a great idea. Adding a solar-recharged battery system will allow you to run lights, refrigerators, fans and electronics and not have to worry about draining your battery. Solar systems are great for off the grid RVing. Solar combined with an inverter is the ultimate off grid camping setup.

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An inverter will allow you to run AC appliances for some period without being hooked up to shore power or continuously running a generator. Inverters are great for watching TV at night, making coffee in the morning or running breathing machines at night. We have installed numerous inverter systems over the years. Stop by and discuss your power needs and we can build a system to suit for needs.

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Pre Purchase Inspection

Our Pre-Purchase RV Inspection will provide you with the information needed to know exactly what you are about to purchase and potential bargaining power to fairly negotiate a price or have the seller make repairs prior to finalizing your purchase.

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