Extended Warranties

Did you Know....

What is a warranty? A manufacturer’s warranty is an assurance to the purchaser that a product is free from defects. The warranty also provides a promise to repair or replace the product if this is not the case. Warranties are not intended to cover wear and tear of components.

An Analogy of an extended warranty

The extended warranty concept is very much like life insurance. The life insurance company is betting that you will live, and you are betting that you won’t. Carrying that example forward, RV extended warranty companies are betting that little will go wrong, and the buyer is betting that things will.

Something to remember

A extended warranty is mechanical liability policy. Extended warranties are like insurance policies. You pay the premium, and the company pays for repairs to your unit IF it breaks down. Not if it wears out!

Your Extended Warranty Repair Facility

We handle all forms of Extended warranties

Although we do not do any OEM warranties, we can handle all of your extended warranty needs. Here are some things to expect when you go to use your warranty. RV extended warranties are specifically designed to cover the repair costs for the mechanical failure of a wide array of components within your RV. Most extended RV warranties will pay full parts, labor costs for these covered repairs. These contracts will specifically exclude any failure caused by an accident, weather, or physical damage of any kind.

Most warranty companies do not cover the inspection time, the check out time falls on the owner. Extended warranties are conditional on you maintaining the vehicle to the manufacturer’s standards and keeping records of the service that has been done.

When you go to start a claim, make sure you have a full list of issues, once a claim has been opened, you can not add to it. Like insurance companies, extended warranty companies make their money by not paying out claims. We work our hardest in your interest to get these failed items covered under your policy. If you have a question of weather or not you think an item would be covered under an extended warranty plan, give us a call. We have been in the RV business for over 30 years, there is not much we have experienced or have not seen.