5th wheel hitches


Your hitch is the most important connection - the critical link - between your truck and trailer. Protect your investment, secure your safety and tow more comfortably by choosing a better hitch. Whether you need a hitch for full-size pickup, short bed truck or SUV, PullRite has a SAFER, STRONGER, BETTER designed hitch for you.

We sell and install Pullrite products in both industry standard rail, and super rail styles which have no above bed rails.


B&W Trailer Hitches, prides its self in American manufacturing.  “Made in America” means more today than ever before. It’s a promise about quality and dependability, not a compromise. When it comes to your trailer hitch, it’s important you get that kind of promise. A guarantee. A hitch you can rely on.

We sell and install B&W gooseneck hitches and their other products such as their companion 5th wheel and companion fifth wheel slider.


Reese brand has become a household name in the heavy-duty towing industry. With proven designs that exceed the industry standards, Reese has become the brand of choice when performance is the expectation. The core product line of Reese is the heavy duty fifth wheels which provide safe towing for the weekend warriors and the seasoned campers.

We sell and install Reese products in both industry standard rail, and Elite series which have no above bed rails.

automatic sliding 5th wheel hitch

Pullrite superglide

Superglide is the only true solution for safe fifth wheel towing with short bed trucks. Superglide automatically moves the trailer away from the cab while making turns - allowing up to 90° turning without stopping, slowing down or even thinking about the space between the truck & trailer and then automatically returns the hitch and trailer to the safe towing position over the truck axle when the turn is completed. All Superglide models are available with the removable base rail type installation pioneered by PullRite. Unique Super Rail mounting system allows hitch and mounting posts to be easily removed with no tools - when done towing, simply remove the hitch and rails, twist the heavy duty mounting posts ¼ turn and lift them out.

ISR Superglide - Pin directly to existing base rails in truck beds! If you already have "the other guy's" standard base rails mounted in the bed of your truck, simply pin your new Industry Standard Rail (ISR) hitch by PullRite, directly onto the existing base rails without the cost or hassles of a reinstall! The new ISR Series make it easy to replace those clunky, imported, fifth wheel hitches on the road today. PullRite has made it easier and cheaper to switch from the generic, to the best!

Hitching up trucks for over 25 years!

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