inverter systems

built specifically to suit your needs

An inverter converts 12-volt DC battery power into 120 volt AC power. There are a number of different size inverters, both portable and built in. Most RVers go with small portable units, or a large built in unit. A 2,000-3,000 watts is the most commonly installed inverter in an RV.

Built in inverters serve two purposes, first to run 110v devices such as TVs, coffee pots, laptop computers and even breathing machines while RVing off the grid or not wanting to run your generator.  

The secondary purpose of an inverter is to recharge the bank of batteries. A proper inverter system will have a bank off batteries, most commonly are 6volt due to their larger storage capacity. Inverters combined with a solar system can create the ultimate off grid RVing experience.  You can watch TV at night, make coffee in the morning and mother nature will do its work during the day and you can do it all again the next day.

Inverter systems are tailored to each RV and user, stop by and discus you needs and we can build a package to suit your needs.

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Other services

Battery Service

Batteries in an RV can be a big headache. Most battery failures are from over or under charging batteries. Batteries can last for many years when properly taken care of, 75% of batteries fail before their life expectancy because of a lack of maintenance and care. We can service your batteries, load check and check your charging system to keep you powered up on your trip.
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Appliance Repairs

McColloch's’s RV Repair & Storage can maintain, install, and repair all of your RV appliances to keep your vehicle running smoothly. When your RV appliances are not working, you can’t enjoy your trips the way you should. Our team is trained to work with all manner of appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, bathtubs, microwaves, furnaces, and much more.

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Solar Systems

Adding solar to an RV is a great idea. Adding a solar-recharged battery system will allow you to run lights, refrigerators, fans and electronics and not have to worry about draining your battery. Solar systems are great for off the grid RVing. Solar combined with an inverter is the ultimate off grid camping setup.

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