Pre Purchase Inspection

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Our Pre-Purchase RV Inspection will provide you with the information needed to know exactly what you are about to purchase and potential bargaining power to fairly negotiate a price or have the seller make repairs prior to finalizing your purchase.

Some of the items fully examined during a Pre-Purchase RV Inspection include:

Exterior Inspection

Full Exterior Inspection of the walls, glass, seals, and battery/charging system. We will look for previous and current water leaks.

Interior Inspection

Complete Interior Inspection of the walls, lights, water and waste systems.

roof Inspection

Roofs often get neglected, hot summer sun and wet winters reek havoc on a rv's roof and seams. we will take a close look at the roof and seams during a PPI.


Operation Inspection of the slides, stove, refrigerator, heating / AC system, LP system and LP leak test.

Don’t be sorry! do an inspection BEFORE you buy!

A pre purchase inspection can help buyers avoid costly mistakes when purchasing a motorhome or travel trailer. An inspection makes buyers better informed for their motorhome or travel trailer RV purchase decision and negotiation. We provides a thorough, unbiased inspection of the RV using a our inspection checklist. Our inspection takes about 3 - 4 hours and a report is given only to the buyer. In many cases we find issues that have not been disclosed to the buyer.

An inspection, is a small price to pay for peace of mind when making a expensive purchase. Damaged roofs or worn/rotten roofs, broken refrigerators, A/Cs and water heaters are common RV problems found in used RV's. Occasionally, the repairs will cost more than the actual RV, some clients negotiate lower prices based on our findings. Often, an inspection uncovers too many problems, and buyers opt to finding something else.

Get an RV inspection, be informed & avoid a costly mistake making your RV purchase