roof services

roof resealing

We can reseal your rubber, PVC, aluminum, or fiberglass roof.  We have many years of experience dealing with roofs and leaks.

roof vents & accessories

We stock a full line of replacement vent lids, air conditioner covers, vents, and Fantastic Fans.

rubber roof replacement

If you need RV roof repair due to a collision, tree damage or rotten rubber, we can handle all your roof needs.  Ignoring or delaying your RV rubber roof repair can result in RV roof leaks that cause costly water damage or dry rot.  We suggest getting your roof inspected yearly to avoid these devastating disasters.  Inspections can actually save you money over the long haul.

featured service

Restore your Rubber Roof with a Roof Coating System

Dicor’s Roof Coating extends the life of your rubber roof membrane by forming an excellent protective barrier with its elastomeric (elasticity and flexibility) feature. The coating provides superior resistance to harsh weather and ultraviolet light.

A roof coating is the last step you can take before you need to do a complete rubber roof replacement. The process includes; washing your roof, seal all seems if needed, etch the roof with Dicor's 2 part process and then apply 2 coats of Dicor's top coat.