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Flat Screen Upgrades

McColloch's RV can handle upgrading your RV with modern flat screen TVs.  We will remove your old set and build out your cabinetry to match the factory decor so when we’re finished you will think that HDTV came as original equipment.

We also stock a number of TV mounts for lat wall mounting that can be tipped or swung out away from the walls, as well as being anchored while traveling.


Other Services

Solar Systems

Adding solar to an RV is a great idea. Adding a solar-recharged battery system will allow you to run lights, refrigerators, fans and electronics and not have to worry about draining your battery. Solar systems are great for off the grid RVing. Solar combined with an inverter is the ultimate off grid camping setup.

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An inverter will allow you to run AC appliances for some period without being hooked up to shore power or continuously running a generator. Inverters are great for watching TV at night, making coffee in the morning or running breathing machines at night. We have installed numerous inverter systems over the years. Stop by and discuss your power needs and we can build a system to suit for needs.

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Pre Purchase Inspection

Our Pre-Purchase RV Inspection will provide you with the information needed to know exactly what you are about to purchase and potential bargaining power to fairly negotiate a price or have the seller make repairs prior to finalizing your purchase.

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