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Zamp Solar Portable RV Solar Systems have the ability to recharge single and multi-battery banks from everyday use. Daily electrical usage, time of year and location will determine what size solar system fits best. A solar systems goal is to replace the Amp-hour used from electrical devices.

“Solar has the ability to charge your batteries from daily use even in winter when there is less hours of light, but this requires a larger solar system than what you need in the summertime.”


Portable Solar Systems – Absolutely the best RV Portable Solar System available. Great for single and multiple battery systems. Powerful, portable and versatile.

Deluxe Hardwired RV Solar Kits – Permanently mounted COMPLETE solar RV kits | 150 watts to 450 watts – Explore these kits if you think you may eventually add more solar for more POWER!

Expandable – you can add panels to your system as you go to suit your needs.


– Maximize Battery Life and Save Money – Batteries generally last 2 to 3 years for regular use in RV’s. This is due to the size and how RV’ers and Campers use their batteries. Many RV’ers and Campers have too small a battery bank with limited ways to charge for a 2-4 day excursions. Most of the time the battery (bank) is drawn down to a low voltage till warning lights and beepers activate, then charged up but likely never full with the use of generators or shore power. This deep discharge of a battery lowers it’s lifespan. A properly sized solar system can prevent this deep discharge. While stored the battery (bank) is neglected and not put on a trickle charger or charged up with a smart charger at least once every 3 months. With RV solar the battery is charged daily as long as the solar gets adequate sun.

– Easy to Use and Low Maintenance – There are no moving parts making solar very low maintenance. With a good solar system the only maintenance required would be to clean the glass of the solar panel occasionally. Good solar systems are made with reliable components and when configured during installation will require no regular knowledge to use. Checking the battery voltage is always beneficial but not required.

– Electrical Independence and Save Money – Take charge of where you can and want to go. No longer be tied to an electrical outlet or forced to listen to loud, toxic generators. Solar gives the freedom to stay out away from it all longer. By reducing the amount of maintenance and fuel for a generator and forgoing the electrical hook up fee at many parks solar can pay for itself in no time.

Clean, Green and Quiet – Solar’s long lasting life makes it a green alternative for power production. There are no moving parts or fuel to burn, therefore no noise or fumes. Most of our solar cells have a 25 year power output warranty with exception of our flexible solar panels. Flexible solar panels have a 10 year power output warranty due to their nature if flexing that may break down the inside cells quicker when flexed frequently.



When new solar power users experience what a solar battery charging system can do, they start looking to add more POWER! Commonly solar RV kits are designed for the specific power output of the panel. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and require specific wire size and length as well as the appropriate solar charge controller.

When solar systems need to be upgraded the system should be analyzed for any part replacements for the higher power output. A complete redesign might be needed. Commonly the wires and the solar charge controller are the first places to start. Our Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kits are already configured for up to 450 watts of power and make it very simply to add more power when ready.


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