Rookie RVers often dread backing up their RV. If you haven’t driven a large vehicle of any kind, there is no doubt that driving an RV can be a little tricky at first. Take your time and scope out the spot first, and only proceed when you are sure it will fit comfortably.


Getting Some Practice

We suggest finding and empty parking lot and gopractice manuvering your RV. An empty parking lot driving/parking session will greatly improve your skills, and greatly reduce the risk of damaging your RV. Some things to keep in mind when practicing and on a trip:

-Take your time. Most accidents occur from getting in a hurry.
– Always back up on the drivers side.
– Never back up with a sway control on.
– Never back up with a tow car behind a motorhome.
– Use a spotter to guide you and be for eyes for your “blind spot”.

Picking the Right Site
Not all camp sites are created equal, and not all camp sites will be a good fit for your RV. It is always good to get out and walk the camp spot before attempting to park. Some things to take note of before choosing a camp spot:
– Are there any road obsticles to worry about? (Ditches, holes, speed bmps, etc)
– Can my RV be leveled once parked or unhooked?
– Can I get my sideouts extended?
– Are there any tree or branches that will interfere or damage my RV?

When in doubt choose another spot. Happy Camping


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