RV season is officially underway. The rain is gone, the trees are shady, and the spring air is starting to warm up. It is time to dust off the RV from winter storage and get ready for another season of RVing. Here are a few tips to get ready for the RV season:

  • Sanitize Tanks, It is always good to sanitize your fresh water system after it has sat all winter.
  • Charge Batteries, Batteries will naturally loose voltage, and a bettery sitting dormant will likely be dead. Be sure to check fluid level before recharging.
  • Check Charging System, its always good to check the “chage line” in your tow vehile as well as charginf when plugged in to 110v power.
  • Fill LP Bottles, check to see if your tanks are still “in date” and refill or replace them.
  • Light Appliances, Start with the stove, fridge, water heater and lastly the furnace.
  • Inspect Roof, for damages caused over the winter. – Check Tires, its always good to check the air pressure and condition of your tires.
  • Awnings, Roll out your awning(s) and inspect the fabric for holes, tears, or de-lamination.

Having these basic items in working order will greatly increase the fun on your summer camping trips.


Let the pros at McColloch’s RV get your RV ready for a trouble free camping experience. We are offering FREE inspections through the first week in June. Please call today to schedule a time to drop your RV off for inspection.

* Inspections include: battery load test, LP (propane) leak test, appliance test and blow out burner tubes, tire inspection and top off with air, visual inspection of awnings and roofs. Call to schedule your inspection.

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