TV Shows For RVers



During the summertime, our TV is rarely turned on, and we spend most of our time outside. We may catch a baseball game here and there while at home, but we have never hooked up the flat screen in our RV to cable at a campground.

But when fall rolls around and the days get shorter, we love to get hooked into a good program as much as anyone. Particularly if that show is about RV and campground culture.

There may not be a wide selection of programs for RV fanatics, but there are a few gems if you know where to look. Here is a quick list of four great shows that inspire us to hit the open road!

1. Rollin’ On TV
Rollin’ on TV is a good old-fashioned variety show that covers all aspects of the RV industry. Episodes include rig reviews, factory tours, camp-cooking segments, travelogues, and interviews with industry leaders. Host Jeff Johnston is an award-winning industry journalist with a sense of humor to boot. Rollin’ On TV is broadcast on a wide variety of channels from coast to coast. It is also available for free on You Tube.

2. Big Time RV
Big Time RV airs on the Travel Channel and it may be the wildest and wackiest RV show out there. Filmed at an RV dealership, it follows a wide variety of customers (from rock bands to retirees) as they shop for their dream rigs. The salesmen and saleswomen are also charming and knowledgeable.

3. Flippin’ RVs
For Anna and Justin Scribner, Flippin’ RVs is more than just a TV show, it’s their family business and greatest passion. Watch as the founders of Flyte Camp search high and low for vintage trailers to purchase and restore in their shop in Bend, Oregon. If you love all things retro then this show will surprise and delight you at every twist and turn. You can catch it on Great American Country.

4. Rock The Park
There are no RVs in Rock the Park but we still count it as our favorite travel and adventure show. Co-Hosts Jack Steward and Colton Smith are lifelong buddies and daring adventurers who are checking off America’s great national parks one at a time and taking us along for the ride. Their motto “if we can do it, you can do it too,” is sweet and inspiring—just like they are! Episodes are available for streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

If you are looking for your next show to binge watch, these four options will offer plenty of RV inspiration. By the time you’re finished watching, you’ll be itching to hit the open road!

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